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Our tenant screening process is the strictest in the country, and advanced procedures ensure we secure you the highest quality tenants. The best predictor of a future tenants behaviour is to look at their past. The VEDA national tenancy database gives an incredible amount of information, including an in-depth insight into a tenant's financial history. Details from bankruptcies, default debts, tenancy blacklistings and registered court judgments. We'll guarantee your new tenant will have passed every strict background check. Our rental investments have taken years of hard work to acquire. In most cases, the centrepieces of a larger financial plan. Like any investments, they must produce income and short downtime with a smooth change over Tenants. The best predictor of a future tenant's behaviour is to look at their past. We will guarantee your new tenant will have passed every strict background check.


The National Tenancy Database provides you with a powerful tool to help ensure you only rent to the best possible tenants. Our goal is to be the best risk screening system in the industry. That means if someone wants to rent a property, we have their criminal record and rental history before stepping foot on it. The NTD is your business’s front line defence from bad tenants. The ultimate for tenant screening and eviction resources.


Mooloolaba is experiencing an influx of new developments, and property prices are rising. That’s why we offer access to the most effective property valuation software in Australia. CoreLogic’s ‘Auto Valuation Report’ is fast, accurate and available online.


We provide you access to the most advanced property management software in Australia so you can manage your properties better and make more profit. With your Owner Login, you can see your current financials and keep track of upcoming payments. It’s easy to use and secure. The new messaging system reduces work orders, maintenance, and legal notifications to a simple, real-time messaging system to ensure all communications are transparent, efficient, and timely.

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